Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blog 4

Today, Maddy and Kat from the Watershed came to Fairfield to give us a talk about Electric December and how they evaluate their competition to improve their own website, we then created a character map of a member of their target audience (either those who will be appealed to by the call for entries, those who will be looking at the website or those who shall be attending the awards night.) After they had finished their talk, they made us the jury of shortlisted films for a festival they are involved in. We reviewed the films, and picked out our favourites and explained why.
After lunch we returned, to save our posters (from the photoshop module) to the M: drive, after finishing we then watched some films from Electric December 2010, picked a favourite and made a vlog in pairs explaining why, I worked with Ruby, but we have yet to edit.

Blog 3

On our third week of BTEC Diploma work, we finished our photoshop posters, and then we spent a lot of time revising research techniques, eventually moving on to questionnaires. We were given a scenario in which a questionnaire would be necessary, then went on Google docs to look at different formats in which to ask the questions we had created for the scenario. (e.g multiple choice, tick boxes, etc.) after evaluating which would be correct for each question, we made it, sending it to all our peers to fill out.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Blog 2

In our second lesson, we started off by being given an in-depth explaination of our levels, the way points are awarded for each section of our course, and how they work, and did some short tasks in our BTEC Diploma textbook.
After break, we did some photoshop work. We had a brief task to learn the basic skills, then we did some more complicated things, trying out the magnetic lassoo tool etc. When we had finished that, we were given cameras and brainstormed ideas for photographs we could take and incorperate into an A5 poster for Electric December, I had the idea of taking some artistic background shots, then taking a picture of someone who has eye-catching eyes, as it were, to create an abstract film-festival feel to my poster. I took these photos, then we returned to 4N07 and uploaded them to our computers via usb cable. I then began editing it into a final product.

After lunch I began writing up my notes into a formal research report on Electric December, and emailed it to myself so I could complete it at home.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Blog 1

Thursday 8th was the first day of the Creative Media btec at fairfield. We started the day with a talk about the course and the levels, then we moved on to a short task, to research and present a news report on the recent controversy over the free schools being run for profit, and the statement that David Cameron made to the media about it. This took longer than it should've, and we didn't meet the deadline, mainly because none of us really knew each other, so picking groups was tediously long drawn out and awkward, but we met new people and eventually things worked out. We finished the day by working in pairs to do some research on the watershed and electric december, and making notes in our books. I worked with Ruby, and found out what electric december is and got some good notes.