Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blog 4

Today, Maddy and Kat from the Watershed came to Fairfield to give us a talk about Electric December and how they evaluate their competition to improve their own website, we then created a character map of a member of their target audience (either those who will be appealed to by the call for entries, those who will be looking at the website or those who shall be attending the awards night.) After they had finished their talk, they made us the jury of shortlisted films for a festival they are involved in. We reviewed the films, and picked out our favourites and explained why.
After lunch we returned, to save our posters (from the photoshop module) to the M: drive, after finishing we then watched some films from Electric December 2010, picked a favourite and made a vlog in pairs explaining why, I worked with Ruby, but we have yet to edit.

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