Thursday, 19 January 2012

New progect

This term, as a part of the creative media BTEC, I will be creating a film for entry to the Electric December film competition. Over the time spent on creating a film, we will be documenting and creating many side projects, such as; pre-production, (individual work, in which we create our initial mind maps, plans and ideas as to what will happen in our films. Making many documents and other forms of documenting ideas.)  production, (In which we divide the roles in the creation of the film, create a log of what we are doing, a shooting schedule and transferring all of the footage we have filmed into one DVD to be handed in.) post production, (where we individually edit our films and document what we did as we do so, then finally create our final sequence DVD and upload our film to YouTube.) press pack, (where we create advertisement material for our films.) and finally evaluation (in which we collect feedback and evaluate and reflect upon the entire assignment.)
Although it sounds challenging, and the amount of work appears daunting, I am looking forward to this assignment, as it sounds like it will be an interesting yet challenging experience.

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