Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pre-Production 2

This week we finally finished writing up our three different film ideas, then, deciding upon a sheer favourite, the one that creates the most clear imagery and that we can see scenes unfolding in our heads, and made a picture collage on photoshop, exploring imagery, fonts, locations and colours that we might incorporate into our film. Mine looked like this:

My film is, as you may be able to deduce from the picture, titled 'Censored', and follows a futuristic narrative in a creepy, slightly science fiction style.
Once we completed our pictures, we did our final write-ups of our films. This took a while, but was quite a satisfying literary vent of creativity.

Due to not having internet, and having little inspiration other than my film ideas, I drew a poster / promo-image style picture related to my film on Paint Shop Pro. Not sure if I like the outcome or not, but either way it is an outcome:


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