Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Animation Topic Lesson 3

This lesson we were given our assignment brief, so we know what we are doing this term. We were told that we need to begin our short independent flash works, and were given a brainstorming sheet and some blank storyboards. Conflicted between a pop culture reference nobody would understand and a trippy, optical illusion incorporating short, I decided to save embarrassment and provide more of a challenging project by choosing the abstract option. I storyboarded it up roughly, to the degree I know exactly what i'm doing, researched some images I will use as backgrounds or incorporate otherwise into my short film, and then got to it. My flash skills are still a bit rusty but i'm definitely getting better. I started my animation with a look of some blinking eyes, and an expanding galaxy. The music I plan to use is either Garden (Hackman remix) or Rhinestone Eyes (Gorillaz). Either way I am looking forward to the end result.

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