Thursday, 14 June 2012

Animating focused workshop 1

This lesson after some brief brainstorming we were taken to the art room, where we were given everything on our animation tools shopping-list, and given independence to get on with our projects. Ruby and Jess set about sketching their hand-drawn flashback scenes, using a lightbox to trace over their last picture, then began to photograph them and put them into loops on flash (making a jittery, dreamlike / movement effect)
In the meantime I took my lineart through to a final coloured, shaded and fixed-up cycle, then started work on the background. I created a layer just below that of the colouring on the lines, and named it 'floor', this remains constant through the cycle and is plain grey to make things simpler. I then added, below 'floor' and another blank layer, a plain lighter grey for 'background'. After this I created a movie clip, in which there are several buildings, and added frames for smoke to rise and fall, and flames to flicker. I added this into the middle blank layer, named it 'buildings', and created a duplicate of the movie clip so that I could make a motion tween between the two, meaning it gives the appearance of them moving backwards (as Kow one runs). After finishing this I began some brief sketches for further frames, but as of yet have nothing to show for that.
Here is the final cycle:
((excuse the large size and poorly formatted gif, it's the best flash could do))

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