Thursday, 15 December 2011

Blog 10

This week we were set a design brief to create an e-card invite for Electric December.
We got going with this almost straight away. I began by planning out what I was going to do (I planned two, including fonts, images, colour schemes and logo placements.) I decided to try one from a professional angle, and another with a more quirky, colourful approach. I found this task very fun, as I love using photoshop and graphic design, so this was not too difficult, but it did give an insight into the difficulties a designer may come across when faced with a brief and a deadline. Fitting in all the logos while maintaining a tidy atmosphere was the most challenging part, other than working for a deadline, I would say.

My finished products, once printed, looked good. My only issue was that, under the stress of the deadline fast approaching, I had managed to leave out some vital information from my second invite. I quickly changed this, removed some hyphenations from my other, and printed again. These looked decent. My finished products looked like this:

 The first, with the blue colour scheme and more quirky approach.
The second, in which I attempted to give a more professional feel.

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