Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blog 9

Last week we went to Burleigh Print Works, where they do offset lithography. We got a little bit lost on the way, thanks to our teacher's brilliant navigation skills, but I shall not be mean as if it were me we'd've been crashed into a tree in mexico by that point. (or a cactus, in fact.)
But either way, mexico aside. We arrived, and were greeted and sat down for a talk about the CMYK colour systems and everything they make. We were taken on a tour through the building, going through every stage in the process. From design to formatting to planning to printing onto aliminium sheets to actually printing to cutting to binding. It was pretty fascinating in an odd sort of obsessive compulsive perfection sense. After we had finished out tour and note making, we returned to fairfield and had a session of planning the Electric December invitations. We did some benchmarking, then made note of the things we have to include in our own.

Looking at the design process at Burleigh.

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