Thursday, 8 March 2012

Editing session 1

Today we began editing our films. This was my first time using Adobe Premiere Elements, so for the first half hour or so it was merely me playing around and getting to grips with the software, but once I had worked it out I  found it to be really useful software. I managed to edit the opening sequence perfectly in sync with what I had pictured in my mind on the first conception of the idea for my film, which I was very happy with, and following this I managed to edit 34 seconds of complete film, the only thing I need to add in to that 34s is the voiceover, which I can record at home then edit into my film later. Once I have made this and filmed two / three more scenes, I will have everything I need to finish my film.

I will be booking a camera tonight, so I can finally complete my footage, log my clips and finish the film.

I exported my film to an avi file, so I could share it on the school network to show the class, and to upload my draft to youtube. I added annotations on the video to give an idea of when the voiceover lines will be, and what they will say.

Today, I also learned that using the original HD camera files does not work with these computers, due to file encoding issues and problems with the school network, so before I could edit I had to change the video format to avi.

This is my film as of yet, with some things that need modification, no voiceover and a general (justified) sense that it is incomplete, but despite this, here it is:

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