Thursday, 22 March 2012

Editing session 2

(Technically this is editing session 3, but last lesson I had no new footage to work with, so I spent it refining clips and finishing documents, so I didn't feel the need for a new blog post.)

This lesson we began with a group discussion, in which Sir claimed that some nostalgic pieces of media are the best in their field, and I suppose the point was that despite him thinking, in his words, the film is 'nostalgic but clearly shit', he managed to put across his point using persuasive language. It was pretty entertaining to hear my peer's responses to this, but the point still got through, and that led us into creating the press pack.

After writing a good 200 or so words on Censored, we moved on to analysing a movie poster, then (you guessed it) we created / completed our own. I have made two posters, one using my graphic art piece, the other using images from the film. This is the latter:

I was quite pleased with this, as it incorporated screen-shots in a very stylised and edited way, rather than simply screenshotting, captioning and then being finished.

After break, we got stuck in to finishing our films. I had recorded the rest of the clips I needed, along-side some new ideas I could include in the film. We were using a new technique of work management, in which we  are set targets, either by ourselves, our peers or Mr Gove. My targets over the lesson were as follows:

Target for rest of lesson:
-          Finish difficult editing piece.
Mr Gove’s Target:
-          Adjust volume levels – focus on voiceover
Target until end of day:
-          Complete ending for film
-          Finish posters 

So following these I completed my film. We all exported our films, and after lunch we had a screening / feedback session. The general opinion was that my film is good, but that the ending needed work. I took on board the constructive criticism, and edited the end. This is my final version, posted as unlisted for the moment:

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