Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Blog 6

This lesson we went to the Watershed in our minibus, and were greeted on arrival by Maddy and a professional photographer. The Watershed staff talked us through our plans for the day, and the photographer gave us a talk about her work, inspiration and materials. We watched a film called 'the dark side of the lens', about a man who has combined his two dreams, photography and swimming, to create an amazing piece of monologue-film with beautiful imagery.
When we had finished the talk and brief, we were issued our cameras and went out to the space around the Watershed, where we began our project 'alphabet city', finding letters in the shapes and forms around Bristol. This was interesting, as it taught us to look for the smaller details, or the bigger picture. Looking at a town we know so well from a different perspective, height and state of mind.
When we had finished this we headed back inside for a brief look at the portraits taken by the other group, and got our alphabet city pictures onto the computers.
We went to make some photographs without cameras. Photograms. There was a table filled with everyday objects, of which we each picked a few, arranged in any shape or pattern we felt fitted the 'world through my view' theme, and left them out on sheets of blue paper in the sun to develop. I created an eye shape and a squirrel shape, which I was pretty proud of.
We finished up with a portrait studio, in which I flaunted my unphotogenic awkward skill in front of a camera, (ohdeargod) and I got some good shots of Ruby.
We ended the session with another talk from Kirsty, and I was awarded chocolate for doing a good job. (loving life.)

Because we look super-fly when we are pushing each other over...

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